Closka (2023)


Playwriting | Direction | Video Conception

The performance unfolds an artistic language that interweaves dramaturgy, visual arts, and emerging technologies such as video mapping and live-cinema, thus challenging the boundaries between various artistic disciplines. The inspiration for the tone and rhythm of the show comes from the great masters of Haiku, like Masaoka Shiki and Matsuo Bashō. "CLOSKA" takes poetic contemplation a step further, transforming it into a force that awakens curiosity and stimulates creativity in each viewer, regardless of their age.

The performers face the challenge of shaping and transforming the space and objects in real-time as part of their emotional journey. This journey is expanded through interaction with technological elements and the incorporation of visual art proposals, adding exceptional richness and dynamism to the narrative and aesthetics of the show.

It has been seen in:
FIET Fira de teatre infantil i juvenil de les Illes Balears, Mostra de Teatre d’Alcoi