Dystopia (2016)


Playwriting | Direction | Video Conception

"I know what you need. A slight sway. A small push to set you in motion."

A fragment of an unfinished room, in the middle of nowhere. A Ford Escort from '84 on the road, at night, without a final destination. The exit of a karaoke. Three spaces, three stories that intersect to build a puzzle formed by two unique characters. We delve into an emotional labyrinth where memory, reality, and fiction are in constant struggle. Our characters are also under construction. What do you do when you believe you live in a present that doesn't belong to you?

We embark on a journey in search of an ideal reality. In the words of its author, "the show reveals our need to construct a parallel reality when what surrounds us crumbles into pieces, when our present seems like a dystopian future of our past.”

A story about the fear of making decisions and the necessity of doing so, for something to change. The girl of your dreams slips away, and you decide to do nothing.
Over and over again.

"DYSTOPIA" delves into the search for a unique language where dramaturgy, dance, live cinema, and video mapping intersect to shape this scenic puzzle with a surprising ending.

It has been seen in:
MADFeria, Festival Escena Abierta Burgos, Teatre Micalet (Valencia), Sala Cuarta Pared (Madrid)...