Salüq (2016)

MaQuinanT Teatre

Playwriting | Direction | Video Conception

Aina and Ana will unveil to us Nür's journey. A girl who unwittingly embarks on a significant odyssey, fleeing from her country.

Driven by the wind of SALÜQ, Nür will travel through places she has never seen and live adventures she could have never imagined.

The gaze of young Nür will transform everything she encounters on her path, and her questions will be a springboard to guide her to find her new home.

SALÜQ is a show where visual poetry, dance, artisanal elements, and new technologies come together to narrate the grand adventure of a little heroine.

It has been seen in:
Culturanova Festival of Heerlen (Netherlands), Teatralia (Madrid),  FETEN Feria Europea de Teatro para niñas y niños de Gijón, FIET Fira de teatre infantil i juvenil de les Illes Balears, PLATEA (INAEM)