Alexandria (2018)

Institut Valencià de Cultura

Direction | Video Conception

If Alexandria was the largest database of the ancient world, is Google the modern Alexandria? Who am I according to the new Alexandria? Who decides the personalized information that reaches me? Can someone's life be shattered in 280 characters? Do we leave a permanent record in zeros and ones, an image of ourselves that we do not control? Are we slaves to the new Alexandria?

In this text by Mertxe Aguilar and Guadalupe Sáez, five characters show us their journeys towards a massive point of fracture. We see in detail the tension to which this Alexandria leads them, culminating in the breakdown of each one. And it is in this process of fracture where the rest of us find ourselves reflected.

In the blend of theatrical and audiovisual languages, there is an intention to give physicality and veracity to the sensation of visual and auditory saturation that we voluntarily subject ourselves to every day. This saturation not only confronts us with a new reality to which we have been adapting (the digital natives) but also, obviously, modifies how we enjoy culture and art.

It has been seen in:
Teatre Rialto de València