Petit Big Blue (2018)


Playwriting | Direction | Video Conception | Lighting Design

Starting from the pictorial universe of Wassily Kandinsky, we will take a short journey with ENE and PETIT BIG BLUE through their new emotional inventory. The proximity of the audience to the performers makes the show a unique experience for children and their families, allowing them to enjoy dance, visual arts, and digital arts in a way entirely new to them.

A visual proposal where gesture, dance, and visual arts converse to offer an experience that stimulates the desire to play in the youngest and their adult companions, discovering along the way some emotions that we all will be able to identify.

It has been seen in:
Culturanova Festival of Heerlen (Netherlands), Tianqiao Performing Arts Center of Beijing (China), FETEN Feria Europea de Teatro para niñas y niños, FIET Fira de teatre infantil i juvenil de les illes balears, Mostra de Igualada, Dansa València, Cádiz en Danza, Centre Teatral Escalante, Danza a Escena (INAEM), PLATEA (INAEM)...