Harket [protocol] (2012)


Playwriting | Direction | Video Conception

Cristina Harket is a young volunteer in a project that investigates the possibility of surviving in a bunker, with the sole aid of an artificial intelligence system called MAP #2. She feeds the system with a series of physical, mental, and emotional routines, and the system is responsible for keeping her alive. Something goes wrong, and the month she was supposed to spend inside turns into just over two years. The bunker doors remain closed.

The show speaks of trust and betrayal. About the need to connect with someone or something, even if it's not human.

"HARKET [PROTOCOLO]" is an interdisciplinary science fiction performance in which dance, theater, humor, music, design, and video-mapping interact in its staging. It is also a transmedia project that extends online through blogs and social networks, where the audience can expand the experience before entering the theater or after, upon returning home.

"HARKET [PROTOCOLO]" is the first show by the company PANICMAP. It's a determined commitment to the research of a unique language that draws from the meeting of different artistic disciplines and characterizes the proposals of its author and artistic director.

It has been seen in:
MADFeria, Fira Tàrrega, Festival Escena Abierta Burgos, Festival TAC de Valladolid, Danza Xixón, Mostra de Teatre d’Alcoi, MAC Mislata, Mostra Reclam de Castelló, Festival TOC d’El Puig, Festival Internacional Outono de Teatro de Carballo, Sala Cuarta Pared (Madrid), La Seca -  Espai Brossa (Barcelona), Teatre Micalet (València)...