Consonant (2011)

Cia. Maduixa

Playwriting | Direction | Video Conception | Lighting Design

"Consonant" is a performance where dance, theater, shadows, visual arts, and new technologies transport us to a world of visual poetry fueled by the imagination of Paula and Aina. The imaginary universe of the poet Joan Brossa serves as the reference for this show, where the transformation of letters into objects, magic, and wordplay are the true stars.

A show created to bring dance and poetry to all audiences. "Consonant" is Paula's favorite book. She sets out to read it, but her sister Aina is going to make it really difficult for her. All Aina is interested in is playing with Paula. Through reading the book and with the help of their imagination, the sisters travel to a fantastic world where letters come to life and transform to open the doors to a surprising game.

It has been seen in:
Festival Temporda Alta, Teatro Circo Murcia, FETEN Feria Europea de Teatro para niñas y niños, Danza a Escena (INAEM), Nice, Louxembourg, Noyon, Amien, St Chamont, Amiens, Villard Bonnot, Miribel, Theatre Jean Marais St Fons, Andrézieux, Firminy, Voiron, Seyssinet, La Mûre, Corbas, Villefontaine, St Quentin...