ras! (2009)

Cia. Maduixa

Playwriting | Direction | Video Conception | Lighting Design

"ras!" is an interdisciplinary show that combines theater, dance, and visual arts, where new technologies serve to create a stimulating and magical scenic game for the little ones. A giant white canvas on the stage serves as the base where the performance unfolds. The audience, positioned around this space, occupies a privileged place in the scenic area. The proximity of the actors offers them direct contact with this sensory adventure.

"ras!" Joan loves to draw. He draws everything. The arrival of Lluna arouses great curiosity in him.

"ras!" shows us the encounter between Joan and Lluna. Lluna introduces Joan to color. A universe of lines, colors, and shapes opens before them. With their imagination and their strokes, they create new spaces and open the doors to a fantastic world. Together they draw a small adventure from which a great friendship is born.

It has been seen in:
Festival Festspillenne (Norwey), Festival Segni d’Infanzia en Mantova (Italy),Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Festival Temporda Alta, Teatre Rialto de València, FETEN Feria Europea de Teatro para niñas y niños,  Mostra de mim de Sueca, Corral de Comedias de Alcalá, Danza a Escena (INAEM), Festival Nacional de Danza de Costa Rica, Honduras, Teatro Nacional de Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana,  Nice, Louxembourg, Noyon, Amien, St Chamont, Amiens, Villard Bonnot, Miribel, Theatre Jean Marais St Fons, Andrézieux, Firminy, Voiron, Seyssinet, La Mûre, Corbas, Villefontaine, St Quentin...